Oasist Water Filtration Systems

Oasist is a leading supplier of high-quality water purification filters that mineralize and provide alkaline drinking water for both home and commercial use.

Our customers enjoy the health benefits of Alkaline drinking water that is free from contaminants, is replenished with natural minerals, and contains the right balance of minerals your body needs to be healthy.

Home Water Ultra-Filtration System

Unique Water Ultra-Filtration Systems that Provide Mineral Rich Alkaline Drinking Water

5 Steps  Filtration Process

  • Removal of Particles
  • Replenished with Natural Mineral Rocks
  • pH balanced Alkaline Filter
  • 10nm Ultra-Filtration Membrane Removing Harmful Contaminants
  • Great Natural Water Taste

High Capacity of Water Filtration – 6 tons of water per year. 

Easy Installation

Designed for Effective Water Filtration with easy installation.

Healthy Mineralised Alkaline Water System

Portable 10nm Ultra-Filtration Bottle

Designed for Disaster areas where drinking water is contaminated.

Filter all flowing water for immediate drinking water supply anywhere and everywhere.