Givings @ Thailand

OasistLife Giving Project in Thailand

At OasistLife, this is one of many happy moments for us. We give because we care.

Mission Description:

Mr Jenvit, Vitoon, and Chaktiwat are mission workers who are living near the border between Thailand and Myanmar. Their work is to travel around the region to look for people who need help. Many of the people they are helping are refugees who cross over the border to Thailand illegally. As mission workers, they venture into the jungles or remote villages. Such trips usually take days or weeks. Sometimes, they go with packed food and drink whatever water they can find along the way.

Now that they have our Oasist Portable Ultra-filtration bottles, they have no worries about clean drinking water. As long as there are flowing water, our Oasist bottles will make it safe and clean for them to drink instantly. Its small and doesn’t require electricity and its very effective in filtering our viruses and dirt from dirty water. 

Most important of all, these workers are saving money from buying bottled water for the next 2 years before the next change of filter membrane. Every dollar of savings means, they can help more people in need.

Together we can change the world! This is why OasistLife do what we do.

Below are the words from our recipients in their own words.  

Mr Chaktiwat
Mission Worker Serving in Thailand Border with Myanmar
Vitoon Dalethong
Mission Worker
Local Village Head
Jenvit Peesawat
Mission Worker