Want to be helpful to people and yet earn a good passive income as much as USD500 per month?

If that is what you want, this training program is for you.  Oasist wants to help you to get started for a better life. We give you the technologies we have developed and we package our technologies in terms of clean drinking water contract that you can introduce to anyone. The market potential is very big and there are many people even among your friends and families will need clean and healthy drinking water. In this way, you can are now teaching you a way to make USD500 per month.

In this course, we will teach you how to market our services to people using our proven 5 steps one on one sale system. You can easily get on started to make USD500 per month.

Free Training Course that allows you to earn USD500 per month!

Course Content and Design

Easy to understand and very impactful for all.

We will be sharing the following during our training sessions:

  • Water Health 
  • Effect of Clean Healthy Drinking Water
  • What are the benefits of the Alkaline Drinking Water
  • Natural Alkaline Water vs artifical Alkaline drinking water 
  • Understanding what are the water problems in daily drinking water
    • Chlorine
    • pH of water
    • Viruses and bacterias in drinking water
  • RO Water and how it is not good for drinking

Part time course 3 sessions of 2 hours on weekends only.

We have our training sessions to be fun and easy. We conduct our 2 hours training at convenient locations at Park Cafes all over Phnom Penh.

The 2 hours sessions will be conducted on friday evening, saturday morning and afternoon, or on sunday morning and afternoon. 

All participants can easily organise themselves during their free time on weekends to attend this course.

Designed as a part time for 

  • Housewives who care to provide about clean and healthy drinking water to their families and friends
  • Retirees who want to past time and earn a good income at the same time every month. 
  • Young people who have passion to earn decent part time income
  • Property agents who want to provide more services to their clients
  • Insurance agents who want to increase their chance to interact with more people
  • Network marketers who want to make more money from their networks
  • Executives who have a full-time job but want to do another part time job to supplement their income
  • Unemployed who is looking for a way to earn income.
  • Students who want to make extra money to cover cost of living
I learned so much on this course about water health and also I am starting to earn extra income for my family. I am so happy!
nin nin
Lim Sream
Mother, Phnom Penh

ONLY Limited Availability! 5 participants per training session! So hurry!