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I want to EARN AS I DRINK!

An easy way to earn passive income for you and your family!

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Earn As You Drink!

An Oasist social enterprise program to help people to get the benefits of Mineralised Alkaline Water for the family for a year. 


Why should you join OasistLife as a member?

Be Healthy

You can improve your family health by providing healthy Mineralised Alkaline water to your family and friends.

Huge Savings Every Day!

Enjoy hundreds of dollars of savings every year from buying drinking water for you and your family. The reason is you have healthy mineralized alkaline water for all your needs right at home.  

Earn As You Drink!

Earn a good passive income from our program every month while helping your family and friends enjoy good water health!

Be Environmentally Friendly!

Help protect the environment by using less plastic bottled water. Most bottled in the market are pure drinking water that is not as healthy as Oasist Mineralized Alkaline drinking water. Please find out the benefits of Alkaline Drinking Water here.

It is risk FREE!

Oasistlife is providing the OasistLife Mineralised Alkaline Drinking Water Filtration System for you and your friends. Your friends and families will get enough healthy and Alkaline clean drinking water that comes with FREE Installation and Free Change of Filters for ONE YEAR!^

This is part of the Social Enterprise mission of OasistLife. We invested into water technologies that the people can use to improve their lives and give it for the local communities to use it to change their lives. Please click here to find out what OasistLife has done for the societies with our technologies. 

OasistLife Mission:

OASIST invested in useful technology, YOU help to introduce to the markets, so WE can give to everyone TOGETHER!

To find out more of our membership program, you can attend our up coming event at the event page.


Or call us at 012-945605 for immediate information.

^ Terms and Conditions apply